Overweight and the risk

Overweight and the risk - Obesity could happen after people get married it means that married could trigger someone to be obesity. It is right ??
Overweight and the risk

Looks like It It’s Normal

Couples who have been married gain obesity than weight loss. This will happen not only women but also men. Have you noticed this phenomenon on friends, family, or perhaps to yourself and your partner? 

If yes, how many pounds you’re experiencing a lot of the increase before the wedding today? If you are not married, this article if you can give shadow why it happens so you could avoid obesity after married.

Obesity is not only in Indonesia

A study conducted in England in 2010, as reported by Genius Beauty reports that one fifth of married couples increased by 10 kg weight in the first year of their marriage age. It means they are obesity. 

Imagine! 10 kg just in the first year, how their weight in subsequent years? This fact is not very encouraging when assessed in terms of health.

Must brakes

It is a fact that obesity occur after married. If you are married and find your weight or your partner increases, see the table of health, whether your weight and your partner are still in the ideal number? If yes, still keep the ideal weight according to health standards, if excessive or obesity , it’s time to normalize the scales back the number you and your partner.

Remember! Body weight is closely related to your health and your partner. Avoid obesity by doing exercise. Although others think of you and your partner are very happy to be seen from the weight of your body, you still have to press the brakes if your weight exceeds the ideal weight or partner. Don’t be obesity.

Already married, does not mean you are free to look and more overweight, the more precisely you have to think about your health and the whole family. Stay healthy, stay happy and avoid obesity.

Obesity is not good for our health.

Obesity is also not good looking.

Stop obesity.

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