Obesity after married

Overweight of the body could make some women being mad.

Overweight is also become  the focus of attention of most  women. If their weight go up a little … ‘no! ” that’s a word that exists in their minds. They are so scare if their body overweight.
Obesity after married

However, it appeared that some other woman did not even realize the change until the excess weight or overweight. How could you?

Recent research from the University of Texas states that nearly 25% of women with overweight and 16% of normal women in the productive years, it turns out misjudge their weight.

This weight misperceptions affect women’s body, which will relate to a problem susceptible to cardiovascular and other obesity problem.

Prof. Mahbubur Rahman, from the center Women’s Health Research said, “The obesity rate was starting to break up because many women who think being overweight as normal problems and these women do not realize how they look real.”

The problem of overweight was estimated as the effect of diet pills, liquid and tablets; miss the main meal; reduce feeding, much smoke, and do not eat carbohydrates.

Weight misperception are a threat to the success of obesity prevention programs. Someone who is overweight and did not realize he was overweight, turned out to consume less healthy foods and exercise. 

They are more likely to suffer the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses because of overweight.

It’s important for women of childbearing age to consult their weight problem because women are more susceptible to obesity than men with the same age.

Another reason overweight problem is that the woman had given birth to many children and weight gain during pregnancy did not decrease thereafter. Plus they do not set a schedule for exercise and get used to eating healthy foods to prevent being overweight.

Check with your weight right now then you have participated in obesity prevention efforts.

Overweight is not good for our health.

Overweight is also make us not good looking.

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