Fruits and vegetables for our health

Fruits are good for our health - When I was suffering flu my wife asked me to eat oranges. “Orange  is good to reduce flu”, she said.
Fruits and vegetables for our heath
Fruit and Vegetable
I think not every body like to consumefruits and vegetables since they don’t  know the efficacy  them  But like it or not, people should eat vegetables and fruits.

If some time ago people were still able to circumvent this recommendation by taking various supplements, is now obvious thatfruits and fresh vegetables are not irreplaceable benefits of supplements though.

For you who like to, certainly not a problem. But for those who have never liked fruits and vegetables, and consume only as a necessity of healthy living alone, of course you wonder how many actually have to eat to get the benefits.

Based on World Health Organization guidelines, the recommended consumption of fruits and vegetables is around 400 grams per day. What if consumed more than that, whether its benefits will also be getting better? Some researchers are intrigued by this conduct studies to answer them.

Studies conducted in Europe by involving 300,000 people from eight countries. From these investigations it was found that consumption of fruits and vegetables as much as 8 servings (about 680 grams) or more, have an increased risk of heart disease 22 percent lower than those who only consume 1 serving (85.5 grams).

As a comparison, 1 serving fruits is equivalent to one small banana, one medium size apple or one small carrot. So Serves 8 is comparable to eating 8 pieces of small banana or 3 large banana. For simplicity, consider just the weight of fruitsflesh.

It should be noted, too, would be better if you combine a variety of fruits and vegetables. Mango, for example. Two big mango fruits weighs about 600 grams.

To meet the needs of 680 grams, you do not advisable to eat two big mango fruits since mango also has a high sugar content, so that too much is not good for health. Balance the consumption of sweet fruits with vegetables that are not sweet for your blood sugar does not trip.

Do consume fruits and vegetables do make your body health.

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