Be Proactive And Save Your Own Life

Be Proactive And Save Your Own Life - Simply put, you are entirely responsible for your own health...well at least till you are old enough to know better. While we were growing up, our parents taught us how to tie our shoe laces, brush our teeth and why we need to eat our veggies. The purpose of these gem-like teachings are to help us prevent and prepare us for a variety of things.
Be Proactive And Save Your Own Life
Save Your Own Life
Think of some of the lessons you've learnt and currently apply today, even as a parent.

Now we all want to live long and prosperous lives, but that doesn't mean you just want to be wealthy. You can have all the wealth in the world but that's a moot point without your health. 

My belief is being proactive. Preventative measures that can give you a fighting chance when life throws you a curve ball, these counter measures come in the form of the things you did learn growing up. Now apply them to your 'adult' life. 

As you get older you have to make conscious adjustments and decisions concerning your health. Now really, are you supposed to stop eating your veggies, brushing your teeth and not tie your shoe laces? Falling on your face both literally and figuratively is inevitable.

If you are fortunate enough to be exposed, educated or even having access to information, you would be winning the war; though it doesn't stop there once you've been informed, you actually have to apply it. 

For example, if you plan on having a baby, you should take your folic acid and other vitamins, exercise and maintain a proper diet that will ultimately protect you and your baby. 

If you are not planning on having heart disease, diabetes or a heart attack then stop putting all that toxic mess into your body. Obesity is clinically a disease, because it can kill you. If your body fat is more than 35% (in women) and more than 25% (in men), you are obese. You are clinically obese if you are in the 50 percentile. 

That means half of your body is fat. Carrying that much fat might as well be a suicide bomber, and you are targeting yourself. You can't come back from that.

Being proactive about your health is responsible, mature and sensible. Time to grow up people!

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